Nuclear Filters Decommissioning

Decommissioning of a nuclear plant is the activity of clean-up of radioactivity and progressive demolition of the plant. Considering the possible presence of radioactive materials, particular cautions are necessary during this working, as this, usually, produces smokes, dusts and dangerous mists. Mainly this happens during the operation of thermic cutting/oxyacetylene cutting, with plasma torch, grinding, wash and decontamination in tank with acid. The generated dangerous smokes and oily mists have to be intercepted and properly filtered.

To solve this problem Filtrotecnica Italinan has designed, developed and realized compact modular dry and wet type units according to the customer needs. This design allows us to reduce the dimensions and to facilitate the transport, installations and maintenance operations. The air flows of the standard units are between 2.000 and 10.000 m3/h. The filter are designed in accordance with the strict international in force rules such as: EUROVENT UNI 10339 – EN 779 – EN 1822.

The nuclear filters for decommissioning are mainly composed by the following components:
– High efficiency cartridges filter with the safety extraction system Bag-in/Bag-out
– Electronic control board with pressure switch
– Tight butterfly valve on air intake and dust discharge
– Canister Housings with safety extraction system Bag-in/Bag-out, polydihedral Hepa filter with H13 EN 1822 efficiency
– Intake centrifugal fan complete with TEFC electrical motor direct coupling and in compliance with the UNEL-MEC rule
– Filter control instrument composed by MAGNEHELIC differential pressure manometers
– Inverter group, flow meter and differential pressure plugs for pressure and efficiency tests on site
– Power control board
– Skid/basement in epoxy painted structural steel suitable to fix all components.

The components are usually manufactured in AISI 304 (1.4307) St. St. and therefore they can be decontaminated. Other materials can be used following to the customer’s requests or to the use requirements.



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