Mobile Dust Collectors FT2000

Mobile Dust Collectors FT2000 is particularly suitable to remove welding fumes or oil mist from the circulating air from industrial plant.

The air cleaner consists of:
1) Trolley carrying structure
2) Air intake unit
3) Filter unit
4) Power supply unit

1) Trolley carrying structure Mobile Dust Collectors FT2000
It is made in strong galvanized or painted steel assembled on wheels to move it quickly and easily in the workshop. Two inspection doors on one side allow easy access to the filter unit and to the electric switchboard. Safety features disconnects power when one of the door is open. Standard air cleaner dimensions are: 610 x 970 x 1520 mm in height

2) Air intake unit Mobile Dust Collectors FT2000
The intake unit basically includes a high pressure centrifugal fan inside the air cleaner, suitably silenced. The welding fumes or oil mists are taken through an articulate intake arm. The arm standard lenght is 3 meters.

3) Filter unit Mobile Dust Collectors FT2000
It ‘consists of 3 Different Stages Filtration:

I° Stage – The Pre-Filter
The pre-filter removes possible large particles from the air to be filtered safeguarding the electrostatic filter. Normally it is made of a cell in zinc plated metal wires dimensions 530 x 530 x 50 mm with arrestance G2 in accordance with UNI EN 779.

II° Stage – The Electrostatic Filter
The electrostatic filter is a reliable way to pick solid or liquid particles out from an air flow. It is possible in fact to separate very small particles with efficiency up to 97% on atmospheric dust according class F9 UNI EN 779. The working principle is as follows: The particles in the air flow are electrically charged (positive) while crossing the electrostatic field of the ionization section. Then, the particles are attached and collected on plates, sticking on them. These plates are the negative armature of the electrostatic field among a series of parallel plates connected alternatively with a positive potential and with the ground. This system has the advantage of producing a low ozone rate. The movable air cleaner is equipped with a modular electrostatic section (530 x 530 x 380 mm) having a ionization section and a collecting section. The ionization section is made of active tungsten electrodes with a 10000 V positive charge followed by aluminium plates with ground potential. The collecting section consists of aluminium parallel plates with 5000 V positive charge alternate to aluminium collecting plates with ground potential.

III° Stage – The Final Filter (optional)
The final filter (optional) can be made of a pleated cell with arrestance G3 o G4 according to UNI EN 779 able to stop the agglomerate particles eventually released from the collecting plates or of an activated carbon panel that adsorbes odours and gases thanks to a large internal exchange area that can reach 1700 m2 per carbon gram.

4) Power supply unit Mobile Dust Collectors FT2000
The electrostatic filter is fed at two positive power values: 10000 V for the ionization section and 5000 V for the collection section. The filter is supplied with a power unit with electric consumption of 60 W. The power unit is assembled in a standard board for closed area, and in case opening the board the electric circuits are disconnected. On the front cover there are controls and indicators for:
– General line switch
– Electrostatic filter controls switch
– Filter block pilot light
– Filter working pilot light

The particles agglomerated on the collecting plates of the electrostatic filter often settle for gravity when there are no viscous elements in their composition. Nevertheless, a more accurate cleaning of the collecting section is possible through a manual operation with compressed air or washing by means of water to which a proper detergent has been added. The side door allows a complete extraction of the electrostatic cell for maintenance.



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