Electrostatic Precipitators

The electrostatic precipitators manifactured by Filtrotecnica Italiana are considered the most sophisticated air cleaner, available at present, to remove airborne particles, both solid and liquid, from an air flow. The electrostatic collection permits to separate from the air any particle independently of its dimension. It is possible in fact to agglomerate very fine particles with efficiencies till 99% on atmospheric dust according to method EN 779. The use of these filters give the possibility of getting the air completely free from dust, smoke, spores, bacteria, pollen.

In brief the advantages of the electrostatic filters are the following:
• High filter efficiency
• Low pressure drop
• Low operating cost
• Minimum maintenance
• High working reliability.

The electrostatic filters are built – up by assembling some basic modular components, called cells, with dimensions 530 x 530 x 380 mm in a metallic structure of 610 x 610 x 500 mm The ionizer and collector components shall be contained within each individual cell unit. The ionization section consists of active tungsten electrodes with a 10.000 V positive charge followed by aluminium plates with ground potential. The collecting section that performs the air cleaning function consists of aluminium parallel plates with a 5000 V positive charge alternated to aluminium collecting plates with ground potential. The cells can be assembled in a bent pressed steel housing zinc plated or painted type FT Modul with a floor oil/sludge drain. The connection to the air ducts is made with the existing flanges.
On request it is possible to install a washing system of the cells as below described.

The electrostatic filters consist of the ionization and the collection sections. The particles in the air flow are electrically charged (positive) while crossing the electrostatic field of the ionization section. Then, the particles are attracted and collected an plates, sticking on them. These plates are the negative armature of the electrostatic field among a series of parallel plates connected alternatively with a positive potential and with the ground. This system has the advantage of producing a low ozone rate.

Power supply
The electrostatic filters are fed by two positive high voltage values: 10.000 V for the ionization stage and 5.000 V for the collection stage. Every filter is supplied with one or more supply units at the right power to the filter dimensions. The electric consumption is 60 W per each electrostatic cell. Each power pack is in a standard board at Norm CE normally arranged for inside mounting, the access to its components is front – type and when the board door opens, the circuits are disconnected.

The control board includes the following controls and indications:
• General line switch
• Electrostatic filter control switch
• Filter – block pilot light
• Filter – working pilot light

In addition external microswitches connections are provided on inspecting doors for disconnecting the feed circuits in case of opening.



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