Cyclone Separator

The cyclone separator are pre-cleaner industrial units without moving parts for the elimination of dusts by means of centrifugal force. As structure a cyclon is made by a tangential dusty air inlet connection at the top side of a cylindrical part, by a clean air exit upward and by a dust discharge connection at the bottom part. The cyclon body consists of a cylindrical part where are placed the inlet connection and the clean air outlet connection, that is extended inside the cyclon body, and a conical part where at the bottom is placed the dust outlet that can be collected in a trolley-mounted container. The cyclon is completely welded and can be completed with a support flange.

The tangential inlet transforms the linear flow into a vortex. When the flow leaves the cylindrical part acquires a swirling downward motion with an axial component force, as a result of the dust weight and the centrifugal force, to the end of the cone where there is the dust discharge. The dust particles are thrown against the filter walls that are properly manufactured to allow the particles, losing the inertial force on impact, to fall down for gravity in the bottom part where are taken off.

The cyclone separator is universally used preferably in the coarse dust particles abatement with high concentration (some gr/m3 ). It is suggested as prefilter to delay clogging of fabric filters or as sole filters in pneumatic transport.

Briefly the advantages offered by cyclone separator can be summarized as follows:
– Low installation cost
– No maintenance cost
– Low running expenses
– Reasonable pressure drop

The cyclone separator is available with right – hand or left – hand version for what concern air-inlet and in two designs: standard and high efficiency.



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