Containment System Canister

Containment system Canister for duct installation are specifically designed to guarantee a perfect filter/housing seal and an easy frontal change of the filter cell by means of plastic barrier-bags that ensures safe conditions when employed in contaminated air systems. The access opening in the filter housing is tightly sealed by a cover plate with a continuous high thickness gasket, closed by means of four star knob clamping screws. On the access opening is installed a twin groove service board where to place the plastic bag, supplied as standard, that must be rolled inside the cover when the clean filter is inserted. The filter can be easily and quickly fitted or removed by an eccentric hand levers adjusted with a treaded dowel. To guarantee a safe service operation the cover can be only closed when the filter cell is properly sealed and the hand levers raised. All these features ensure the qualification to be primarily applied where there are stringent requirements on the safety quality of the air being extracted from or supplied to processing areas in chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries, asbestos dust, nuclear and military fields. “Canister” are suitable to insert HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and pertinent pre-filters with standard international dimensions.

Material of construction is strong sheet die – bent steel welded for perfect gas tight. The surface finish for decontamination purposes is made through degreasing or sand blasting and a durable epoxy paint. Stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 versions and construction for food industries or application under pressure till 0,49 bar are also available. The containment system units can be assembled side by side (single row o double row) in multiple banks handling the required air volume with horizontal air intake and air discharge connecting spigots with support legs. The surface finish of the spigots is the same of containment system units.

Instruments and accessories
The single containment system Canister or the multiple bank can be provided with pressure measuring points, connections for test probes and vacuum breker valves with absolute filters. Isolating dampers can be fitted to the inlet and outlet of Canister units or to the spigots.

Special units
In the nuclear field Filtrotecnica can plan and produce in accordance with Quality Assurance special anti-seismic and remote control units according to specific requests. Multiple Canister banks can be suitable for special filtration application where special treatments are necessary (preheating, filtering with activated carbon). In the N.B.C. field Filtrotecnica is in position to supply special canister complete with instruments and monitor or samples units for civil and military applications (shelters or ships for navy).



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