Coalescer Cartridge

Coalescer cartridge from Filtrotecnica Italiana is made from special fibres which are able to remove virtually any type of liquid particles carried by a gas stream. The special glass or other particular filtering manufacturing according to process needs, can guarantee extremely high removal efficiencies even for submicron particles. The guaranteed removal efficiency is usually 100% for all particles 3 micron and larger and 99% plus for all particles smaller than 3 micron. This means that all particles from 3 micron down to 0.1 micron in diameter are removed with a percentage of 99% or more. In some chemical processes it may be reached a removal efficiency as high as 99.9% for all submicron particles. All described above becomes possible through the phenomenon called Brownian Diffusion. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the submicron particles and in particular those with diameter of smaller than 1 micron have a random side-toside movement caused by collisions with gas molecules which is higher the smaller is the particle size. The submicrom particles, following the gas stream, get in contact with the huge surface area of the special fibers of the filtering media, diffuse into it and get coalesced and separated from the gas stream.

A coalescer cartridge is a special fiber bed into which enters a gas carrying mists and out of which gets out a clean gas and a separated condensate liquid. The special fibers are packed between two screens which are made out of metal or other mterial. The gas carrying mist enters from one side of the coalescing bed and crosses the fiber horizontally. From the other side of the coalescing bed emerges the clean gas which rises to the exit and a liquid condensate which is directed downwards. The metal screens are available in the following materials: Carbon steel Stainless steel Special alloy steel PVDF Polypropylene The special fibers are usually glass based but they are also avaible in polypropylene, polyester, and other materials, depending from the type of process in which the coalescing elements will be used.

Benefits of fiber bed Mist Eliminators:
– Reduce or eliminate visible stack gas plumes
– Provide unlimited turndown from design capacity
– To guarantee constant pressure drop from 20mm to 250mm W.G. depending from the air/gas velocity through the fiberbed
– Are interchargeable with existing fiber bed equipment
– Capture submicron mist particles 0.1 microns or smaller

Most common applications of coalescer cartridge:
Sulphuric acid plants
Chlorine plants Fertilizer plants
Artificial leather and PVC coating plants
Air and gas compression units
Textile treatments (rameuses)
Lubrificating oil from tooling machines

Small mist particles are inevitable products in many manufacturing processes. These particles either in liquid or solid form, can cause problems such as corrosion of equipment, contamination of product, fouling of heat exchangers and catalysts and damage to instruments. When those particles are released to atmosphere, they show a very well visible and persistent plume at the stack. They can cause violations of air pollution emission threshold limits set by local authorities. The use of the coalescing filters of Filtrotecnica Italiana guarantees a dramatic reduction of the stack plume and an air quality in atmosphere within the requested limits of local authorities.



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