Scrubber Filter

The horizontal wet scrubber filter development is among the most effective and reliable fume and dust separator manufactured by Filtrotecnica Italiana. The scrubber filter can treat dust as well as organic volatile solvents in addition is suitable to precipitation volatile, water – soluble chemicals, to separate dusts in plant operating with flammable material or, with special modification, to treat burning dust particles, oil vapors and fumes or equivalent. The operating principle is simple and efficient, dust particles made heavier by water drops or dissolved in water precipitate in the collector tank while the air is mechanically filtered and forced outside. The peculiarity of this scrubber filter is its horizontal arrangement that permit an easy and complete maintenance operations reducing the risk for maintenance engineers of working on height as in the vertical air washing tower.

The water is the universal solvent. Operating on this principle and in addition to the capacity to condense on small dust particles it is possible pratically to wash the air bringing down and neutralizing the present contaminants thanks to the high contact zone, collecting the water/dust condensate in a tank and finally disposed. The air filter unit is connected to a treatment plant to filter and dispose solid particles as sludge. Chemicals dusts will have to be treated in a water normalizing plant.

Entire unit is made of pressed carbon steel sheet, painted or stainless steel and is divided in four parts:

1) an air inlet plenum chamber equipped with water spray nozzles where contaminants in the air stream are removed;
2) a second chamber separated by a bulkhead that forces the air to a scrubbing through the water of the collection tank before to reach the mechanical filter section normally equipped with bag filters;
3) high efficiency mist eliminator;
4) clean air outlet plenum chamber.

The unit is complete with water distribution and treatment system as shown in the drawing.

The mechanical filter section is normally composed by synthetic filter with arrestance 85% (G3) according to UNI EN 779 but can be increased with a metallic prefilter cell and a synthetic pocket filter with arrestance 95% (G4) according to UNI EN 779. The water filter is a bowl type to treat suspended solid particles, only sized for different plant capacity and having void fraction of 80 µm. The pumps should guarantee a pressure of 5 Bar. The whole plant includes fluxmeters, level meters, by pass valves and a tank recovery system automatic or hand operated from water network or reservoir.



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