Cartridge Filters

The cartridge filters Filtrotecnica Italiana belong to the category of dust collectors and, at the same overall dimensions, offer a greater filtering surface with respect to other similar types. The cartridges guarantee an high filter efficiency and thanks to their sizes with ø from 145 mm to ø 327 mm and with lenghts from 600 to 1200 mm, it is possible to adap the dust collector dimensions to almost any installation requirement. The following table is based on the more standard type of cartridges with lenght of 1200 mm and diameter rispectively of 145 mm, mod. FTC4C, and 327 mm, mod. FTC15C.

The filter media, selected in accordance with the service conditions are:
– Polyester fibers;
– Antistatic polyester fibers;
– Polypropylene fibers;
– Nomex, PTFE membrane laminate.

The above materials offer a very high tensile strenght and a good chemical resistance. The Filtrotecnica technical office can suggest the most suitable material for each specific application. The max. operating temperature is about 120° C for polyester, 90° C for polypropylene 200° C for Nomex PTFE membrane laminate.The removal efficiency on 1 µm particles after about 20 pneumatic cleaning operating times is higher than 99%.

The cartridge filters are ideal for applications on:
> Plastic, expoxy, siliceous and metallic dusts;
> Starches and vegetal compounds;
> Ceramic and talcum powders, mineral compounds;
> Cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical dust;
> Sands and cement;
> Laser cutting and/or welding fumes.

The maintenance is pratical and fast due to the special cartridges fastening and to the easy access to the filter housing



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