Air Handling Units A.H.U.

Air Handling Units A.H.U. are filtering air groups manufactured and assembled by Filtrotecnica Italiana in their own factory so that they only need to be simply connected to the ventilation system. They are dimensioned by assembling standard modular filter units chosen according to the air volume to be handled, dust present in the air and filtration degree required.

F.T. air handling units A.H.U. are made of strong painted, or galvanized, sheet panels bolted together so to allow an easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the unit. Internal filter sections are supplied in the F.T.air handling units A.H.U. with inspection rooms and access doors in case maintenance service is required. If the filtering unit provides for the use of electrostatic filters, the whole system will be equipped with external electric board as well as supply cables inside the filter housing.

The air handling units A.H.U. can be equipped with control instruments to check the filters clogging point with acoustic or luminous signal, as well as sampling probes for efficiency tests “in site” that Filtrotecnica Italiana can carry out using its own instrumentation. Electrical lights which can be switched on from the outside should be installed in order to provide for inspection and service.

The maintenance of filter sections is carried out in the inspection rooms through the access doors opening from inside and from outside. Filters replacement or cleaning is easy quick operation since they are installed in heavy – duty metal frames through quick – release spring hooks.

Fan units
The air handling units A.H.U. units can be supplied, on request, with an optional sound – proof fan sections with adjustable air lock. In order to define fan construction and operating features the user has to give Filtrotecnica Italiana the static pressure drop of the inlet and outlet circuit, upstream and downstream of fan. Filtrotecnica is able to supply electric control board conform with “CE” standards for local installation near the unit



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